About Market Dynamics, LLC

Market Dynamics, LLC provides independent research and strategy for the residential new construction industry in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas 

Our team of strategic market analysts have worked alongside local & independent builders, private investors, and some of the largest builders in the United States. 


Together, we provide new homes builders  trusted and well thought out insight into the Atlanta real estate market. Because we work in the Atlanta market daily, our team knows the current trends and historical tendencies for the local sub-markets. 

Founder & Principal

Chris Johnson has more than 15 years of experience advising corporate executives and local business owners throughout the Southeast in a variety of capacities including sales, marketing and market research. 


The well-rounded approach to real estate market strategy stems from selling new homes on site for one of the fastest growing private builders, serving as the primary market strategist for a top selling real estate brokerage in Georgia and their builder clients, and working in the market intelligence & strategy division for a top national private builder in the Atlanta, Raleigh, Charleston, Tampa, and Orlando markets. With this combined experience, Chris looks specifically at the Atlanta market with fresh eyes and considers multiple aspects of the new construction industry to present the most thorough analysis available. 

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