Welcome to Dynamic Moments, the video blog for Market Dynamics. Here we will talk about what is going on in the real estate market in Atlanta, with a special focus on home builders and new construction. Find our 2 most recent episodes below or hit "subscribe" to see more! Join us on this journey!


Land Positions During Covid-19

In this episode we discuss how new home builders are reacting to Covid-19 with regards to their land positions. Are they holding on to their land? Or selling it off? How can you take advantage of what is going on today?

Mortgage Changes During Coronavirus

Chris interviews special guest Amy Buynoski of Center State Bank. Amy shares how the mortgage and lending market in Atlanta has changed in recent weeks. She also covers how home builders can prepare for when the real estate market comes back in the coming months.

Sales Price & Pace Changes

How new home builders are seeing sales price and pace be affected through the current market slow down in Atlanta, GA. Chris examines what is changing and how builders should handle the adjustments. 

2020 Census and Covid-19 Real Estate Market Recovery

In the first episode of Dynamic Moments, Chris shares new 2020 Census data for Atlanta and how that impacts our reaction to the Covid-19 Coronavirus real estate market recovery.

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